Is it same as or similar to Yoga?  

If we consider Yoga as an Indian system of exercise, where one has to practice certain postures, then it is not similar to Yoga.
But in broader sense the meaning of Yoga is to join or to connect to the Divine. In this sense Brahmavidya is a system of Yoga.

  I have learnt Yoga. Can I continue with that practice? Is it necessary or can I practice only Brahmavidya?  

Yes, you may continue with your practice of yoga. (We presume that here you mean Yoga to be system of Asanas.) Depending upon the time available, your convenience and your inclination you may decide whether to practice only Brahmavidya or Brahmavidya & Yoga.
In our opinion Brahmavidya is a comprehensive system of Yoga practice giving proper attention to the Physical, Mental & Spiritual development. Hence actually there is no need to practice anything else.
However there is no restriction to practice any other method. Only important condition is that each method should be practiced according to its instructions and the student should strictly avoid mixing methods according to his own whim & fancy,
For example, Brahmavidya is a co-ordinated method of Breathing Exercises & Meditation. Hence both have to be practiced as prescribed in the course. If one practices Breathing Exercises of Brahmavidya and meditation from some other method, then he is not likely to get full benefit.

  I am confused I am not able to decide whether I should practice ‘Art of Living’, ‘Vipasyana’ or ‘Brahmavidya’?  

The ultimate aim of all Yoga methods is to connect or to join or to unite the aspirant with the Divine. As there are different people, so there are different methods. What is important is this – that you should choose a method that appeals to you and then practice sincerely to find out whether it fulfils your expectations. Once you get a method of your choice, stick to it. One cannot make progress by frequently changing methods.
From our experience we can say that Brahmavidya is a unique method which appeals to the head as well as the heart and helps the aspirant to improve his / her life on all the three planes – physical, mental & spiritual.

  Should the breathing exercises be practiced before or after any other exercises, if somebody is already doing something else?  

The principle is this – that one should not practice the Brahmavidya Breathing Exercises when one is feeling tired or short of breath. Hence if you are doing some heavy exercise like jogging or aerobics, then it should be practiced after the breathing exercises. If it is light exercise such as Asanas, it can be practiced before the breathing exercises.

  Is it necessary to practice these Breathing Exercises only in the morning? I go for a morning walk. Then should I stop this morning walk?  

The recommended time for practice of Breathing exercises is in the morning. However depending upon your convenience and preference you may do it at other time.
It is up to you whether to stop or to continue your morning walk. If you have time and inclination you may do both. In our opinion the Breathing exercises are far more advantageous than the morning walk.

  Is practice of Brahmavidya only for Hindus?  

There is nothing religious about the practice of Brahmavidya and person of any religion can practice Brahmavidya methods. The spiritual Laws of Life are the same for all human beings irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour, nationality, sex etc … etc. Brahmavidya teaches these laws and the methods to live these laws. Hence any human being can practice Brahmavidya and benefit by it.
In our classes we have students of various religions such as Christian, Parsee, Sikh, Muslim, Jew, Jain etc … etc.

  What is the connection of Brahmavidya with Prajapita Brahmakumari?  
    There is no connection.  
  Is Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh connected with RSS – Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh?  

Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh is not affiliated to any political or social or religious body or organisation. The Sangh has been established with sole aim of promoting Brahmavidya. Any similarity in the names is purely coincidental.

  Can the exercises be practised by Heart Patients or persons with high BP or those who have undergone Angioplasty / Surgery? What if the Doctor says no?  

Persons suffering from all the above ailments can safely practice the Brahmavidya exercises. In a lighter vein we say, ‘any one who breathes can practice these exercises.’ If your doctor has advised you that you should not practice any breathing exercises, then it is up to you to decide. From our experience we can say that if you practice within your capacity and as per instructions, then it will cause you no harm. We have many students who were suffering from above ailments and have benefited by practice of Brahmavidya.

  I am suffering from chronic cold, acidity, and migraine. I am not able to sit on the floor. I am suffering from spondilitis, or arthritis, or diabetes, or sleeplessness. I feel breathless after climbing only one flight of stairs. Will practice of Brahmavidya help?  

Brahmavidya is not like a medicine, which is meant for only a particular ailment. It is a system, which helps to create and maintain order in the human body and mind. All ailments are nothing but disorder. Hence as order is established by regular practice the disorder is removed and the ailment disappears. Thus in principle, practice of Brahmavidya is found beneficial for all ailments.

  I suffer from Asthma. You claim that you will teach us to breathe. How is it possible?  

This is a matter of practice and the ‘how’ cannot be explained in words. We have many cases of Asthma patients, who have recovered completely.

  What about Pregnant ladies? Can they practise?  

Yes, pregnant women can practice all exercises up to 5th or 6th month. Afterwards, they can practice some of the exercises. However if there is any discomfort then the exercises should not be practiced.
Meditation can be practiced through out the pregnancy period. It will be helpful for the mother as well as the child.

  During the monthly menstrual period normally all religious activities are avoided. Can we continue with our practice during this period?  

If there is no discomfort the practice of Breathing exercises as well as Meditation can continued in the menstrual period.

  Can we practice at different times of the day, if there is a shift working, which keeps on changing every week?  

Yes, the practice time can be varied according to your convenience. We would suggest that for each shift you could fix your practice period and then follow that schedule.

  I have dinner late at night and go to office early in the morning. When should I practice meditation?  

You may practice before dinner. You have to find time to practice. Without practice there will be no benefit. Hence try to adjust your daily routine so that you get sufficient time to practice. You may have to sacrifice something to find time.

  Are there any dietary restrictions? e.g.: Veg. / Non-Veg.  
    No, there are no such restrictions.  
  After opting for VRS I feel a great vacuum in my life, and life does not hold any charm. What should I do?  
    Join the course immediately and start practicing. Brahmavidya will surely help you  
  Is their any age limit for learning Brahmavidya?  
    There is no upper age limit. Anyone of the age 18 years or above can join the Basic Course and anyone in the age group of 10 to 18 years can join the Children’s Course.  
  If I miss a class in this period of 22 weeks, how can I cover up the portion that I was not able to attend?  
    As far as possible you should adjust your other work in such a way that you do not miss a class. Even then if you miss a class you can go through the lesson and try to understand the topics that you have missed. All the topics get periodically reviewed in the class. This will help you to understand the missed portion. Even after this if you have doubts, then you can ask the teacher to explain specific points. But it will not be possible to repeat the whole lesson.  
  Do you give any concession to couples or groups? Can we pay the fees in instalments?  
    The course fee is a donation given to the trust. Hence the question of concession or refund does not arise. Also the fee has to be paid at the time of joining and there is no provision of installments.  
  In chemistry we have learnt about various constituents of the air. But there nothing is mentioned about Prana energy. Then how do we breathe this Prana energy?  

Prana energy is not yet recognised in the scientific fields. Hence in the books of physical sciences you will not find any information about Prana, but one can find much information about Prana in various Yoga books. Prana is subtle Life Force, which cannot be perceived through our physical senses. Hence it is quite difficult to understand the arrangement available in the body to absorb Prana energy. At this stage we can only keep this in mind that it comes in along with the air and is appropriated by the nervous system.

  Is there any dress code that we have to observe at the class or while practicing at home?  
    There is no dress code that has to be observed at the class. One should wear comfortable clothes so that breathing exercises can be practiced easily at the class.
Same principle is to be followed at home while practicing.
  What inspires the teachers to teach?